Why You Should Use Custom Device Mockups

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Creating a Powerful Impression on Clients

From our article on device mockups, at least you should agree that mockups are easy to make. They are essentially like prototypes of the real deal. They practically make a project come to life and attract attention. Clients rate you higher, they become more engaged, and they make better-informed decisions on your designs.

It Helps Clients Reconsider Their Designs On Time

Perhaps your client suggested ideas and drew a mind map of what they wanted. Well, with mockups, you can show them what they should expect, and as usual, they can decide to change their minds as much as they like before they say “Aha!”. They might even finally point out something they don’t like and ask your advice on how to make it look better, a point for you!

It Saves Your Printing Business Undue Expenses

You might have a small-scale heat printing or branding business and probably value the old-school method of advertisement – the see-it-on-me kind. Or you might simply be looking for more product images to populate your store. Mockups are convenient tools here. You can use any free tools we have mentioned in our article on creating mockups and save your store lots of money and resources required to get perfect lighting on whatever product and get the perfect photoshoot.

Impress Your Friends

Why not! You can come up with a charming logo of your name, make some branded items (from mockups), and send pictures to your friends with whichever tall tale they are sure to disprove. Who knows, it might lead to the next big designer or the next great fabric pattern maker or some other person of renown.

Try a Business Idea for Free

You golly well might land some investors from stunning branded mockups. Say you created some beautiful designs or branded some of the beautiful designs you have already made on mockups of that merchandise you have always dreamed of setting up a multinational corporation from, and some insightful angel investor sees your branded mockup on your social media post. And boom! Twenty years later, don’t say I didn’t encourage you.

Undoubtedly, there are several other reasons for choosing to use mockups. Let us know if you vibe with any of these reasons and why.


Thanks for reading. We really hope this tutorial was helpful to you. If you know of any other reasons for choosing to use mockups, do let us know in the comment section below.

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