Terms of Service


The following terminologies apply to these Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, and all Agreements:

  • “User”, “Visitor”, “Viewer”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person and entity accessing this website and automatically accepting these terms and conditions.
  • “Client”, “Sapphirin Client”, “Customer”, “Our Client”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person and entity accessing this website, using any or all services on this website and automatically accepting these terms and conditions.
  • “The Company”, “Our Company”, “Our Service”, “Our Solutions”, “Our Offers”, “Sapphirin”, “The Sapphirin Service”, “The Service”, “Us”, “Ourselves”, and “We”  refers to our Company. “Party”, “Parties”, or “Us”, refers to Sapphirin and us.
  • All of these terms refer to the request for, offer, provision, acceptance consideration, and use of any form of assistance and service we may render or be asked to render to the Client and User periodically, briefly, or by any other means regarding stated clauses covering any or all products and subject to current English Law. These terms also refer to the general use or visiting of our website.
  • All the terms may be used in their singular form, plural form, capitalized form and may be interchanged with the pronouns he/she, or they. And/or are also considered interchangeable..


Layout and Website Template Licensing

All of Sapphirin’s products, including layouts, code, website packs, and others are licensed under the under the GNU General Public License (GPL) (https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html) version 2 and/or 3 as relevant, unless otherwise indicated. Sapphirin grants each client one or more (based on th product description) non-transferable license(s) to use the product internally and as permitted by the terms declared in each product.


Where the software’s license permits using the product on multiple sites, the customer now a licenseholder is forbidden to sell, trade or barter the original license key or/and license rights provided by Sapphirin, to other parties, clients, entities, and individuals for commercial benefit. Violation of this license rule may result in the removal of your license rights and closure of your account without refund.


Also, our clients are forbidden to sublicense, to any person or entity, any permissions to redistribute our software or license rights and doing so may result in the removal of your license rights and closure of your account without refund. Sapphirin only provides support services to the original purchasers of the licenses and products, according to our records and your account details in our records, all other uses of any license rights for support queries is blacklisted as fraudulent. We advice that you advice your clients to send their support requests to you, the original purchaser of the Sapphirin product and you can ask the questions they need answers to.


Third Party Licenses

We DO NOT sell, resell, or sublicense any licenses from third parties including the photos, plugins, themes, child themes, videos, mockups, or graphics we might use on our clients sites, or/and on our products. We only charge for our services, customisation, and various expertise levels. You are to disregard any suggestion from any person or entity contradicting this.


Privacy Terms

We are committed to keeping your data private. Our authorized admins in the course of their duties may require and use any information collected from any customer or user strictly on a need to know basis. Therefore, we collect and store certain details from clients and users to assist us in delivering our services. These data will be clearly defined on the point of collection. We use these data to provide premium service to our clients and users. There are several offences declared by various government for unauthorized actions regarding data and digital systems. We will thoroughly investigate any such actions discovered up to prosecuting and/or employing legal means against offending parties to attend to any resulting damages.


Confidentiality of Clients’ and Users’ Information

You authorize us to pass any information collected from our Clients and Users and their underlying records to third parties on a strict need to know basis. Nonetheless, our Clients’ and Users’ records are strictly confidential and will never disclosed to any third party except when we are legally or unavoidably mandated to do so. A client is permitted to request to view or be provided with copies of any of the individual records kept on such a client provided we are given suitable reasons for such requests in a timely, clear and understandable manner.


Clients are responsible for securing the copies of any literature issued during the course of using this service. We may provide written details, invoices, copies of records to our clients depending on the service. We DO NOT sell, rent, or/and share your personal data with any third party for unsolicited correspondence or spam. All emails you will get from Sapphirin and our affiliates as a result of your use of this service will be solely in connection with the requirements of our products or services that you purchase or sign up for.

Refunds and Terminations

The services we provide do not cover all websites or web development requirements. Therefore, your order maybe cancelled if we decide it contains any of the services we do not offer and we will provide a refund for this cancellation entirely at our discretion.


We use some of the best tools in the industry and we consider our services and products top-notch; however, we appreciate the fact that not everyone will be satisfied with their purchases all the time. If any unresolvable disatisfaction arise as a result of the use of our services, we will gladly consider granting you a refund.


All our layouts, layout packs, and website templates ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. You are therefore advised to carefully consider the purchase of such products, carefully examine the demos, screenshots, and literature provided to be thoroughly convinced whether or not to proceed with such purchases. We will not entertain any requests for refunds on these items mentioned. Your account may be closed if you resort to inappropriate correspondence.


If a client purchases any of our web development or web design consultations and is dissatisfied with the results, we will refund the client’s purchase solely at our discretion and subject to the following terms:

  • Our web development, web design, and web building consultations usually take a relatively short time, therefore, we will provide required refunds only when the client has expressed a wish to terminate the development within 14 days of purchasing the consultation for consultations stipulated to take up to 1 month and within 2 days of purchasing the consultation for consultations stipulated to take up to 4 days. A full refund will be granted. We will not entertain any requests for refunds after the website is built or after the stipulated window for requesting for purchases.
  • Our clients are not permitted to access their websites as admins while we build their sites. This is to ensure clients do not tamper with the work and break stuff on their sites thereby slowing down the development process. Our design team will create subscriber accounts for the clients to view their sites and such clients can also access the site publicly. Our design team may use “coming soon” templates to shield their development from the public eye solely at their discretion. Nonetheless, our design team will make the sites publicly accessible after the first few days of development depending on the kind of website being built. Any client that gains admin access or requests for admin access to their site during development may void their chances of getting a refund solely at our discretion.
  • If we notice that any client is fraudulent or/and makes regular bogus purchases on our site to seek refunds later, we reserve the rights to close down such a client’s account(s), and we WILL NOT grant a refund to such a fraudulent client.
  • We will only grant a refund after the initial purchase of any individual product or service. If a client purchases the product or service again after we have granted that client a refund for that particular product or service once and seeks a refund after purchasing it again, we will not grant the client a refund.


For all refunds, clients are to send a detailed email to support@sapphirin.com and allow 3 business days for the refund to be completed due to unavoidable holidays and our work week. Such emails should include the client’s name, email address used to create a Sapphirin account, clients username, a description of why the client wants to cancel the purchase. These details are strictly for documentation purposes and are used to improve our service. Unfortunately, so as not to confuse the next developer that will work on your site, when you cancel your purchase and/or seek a refund, we will pull down all our tools from your site before handing over the site to you. You are to allow 3 business days for proper processing of your refund request, follow up correspondence, and handing over your site.



We accept various forms of payment which will be stipulated when required or at the point of checkout. We do not offer any installmental payment plans, clients have to pay the full price for each transaction. The full price might include tax where explicitly stated. We reserve the rights to withhold all products and services from clients until the client pays the full price for the product or service.



Sapphirin reserves the right to modify, update, change, upgrade, replace,  cancel, or discontinue any of its products, services, and solutions without notice, announcement, or consent. In like manner, the prices of all products and services are set at our discretion and can change without prior notice, announcement, and consent.


Limitations, Exclusions, and Caveats

We may present representations, links, or mention services by third parties. To the best of our knowledge, these third party services, links and tools are safe and trustworthy. Nonetheless, we are not liable for any damages, expenses or losses you incur as a result of visiting or using any of the links, services, and third party vendors mentioned anywhere on our site, emails or other communications with you.

The software and literature on website is given on an “as is” basis. To the entire extent stipulated by law, Sapphirin:

excludes all warranties and guarantees relating to this site, its contents or the contents provided by any affiliates or third parties, including or covering any inaccuracies or miscommunications on this website and/or in our literature;

excludes any and all liability for any damages, expenses, and losses incurred as a result of or in connection with our clients’ and our users’ use of this service. This includes without exception but is not limited to, loss of business, loss of profits, direct loss, irregular expenses, software or hardware damage, and all other direct, indirect, incidental, expected, and unexpected damages and losses. This does not violate any of your statutory consumer rights.

We do not review the content of any third parties’ websites that might be linked to or from this website. We do not necessarily share, endorse, or promote any of the opinions, materials, representations, and other trademarks contained on such websites and we should not be considered the publisher of such content. You agree that we are not responsible for the data and privacy practices, or materials, media, and opinions, of these sites. You are advised to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions, and privacy policies of these sites. If you use or visit any of these links, we are not liable for any and all losses or damages, in whichever manner, howsoever caused in relation to the use of this website.


Log, IP Addresses, and Cache

We collect the details of IP addresses to understand usage, track users’ and clients’ movements, administer the website, and compile broad demographic data for internal related use. Our servers also log and cache basic access information including but not limited to browser type, backlinks, access times, URL requested, and mail opening. This is for troubleshooting purposes, administration, and monitoring usage patterns. IP addresses are free from specific personal information. All the same, these details are strictly confidential and are used internally on a need to know basis. All individually distinguishable information collected in this process will never be used in any way that violates this term without your permission.


As an interactive website, this website uses cookies to facilitate retrieving user preferences each time you use our site. Cookies are used in specific areas of our site to support the functionality of such areas and improve user experience. Our affiliates may also use cookies on their platforms.


Links To This Websites

You may not create a link to any part of this site without our prior consent. All links to this site created without our prior written consent are done at your own risk and the limitations, exclusions, and caveats listed in this Terms of Service will apply to such links.


Copyright Policy

Copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights exists on all text relating to the Company’s services and the full content of this website. Sapphirin’s logo is our trademark and intellectual property in all countries. Our specific brand names and services featured on this website are our intellectual property.



Failure to read, and come to terms with this or any Agreement will not be considered as a waiver exempting any user or client from the obligations and terms of this or any other of our Agreements. Failure of any entity to insist on strict adherence to these terms of this or any other of our Agreements does not exempt such you from the provisions of these terms of this or any other of our Agreements. Miscommunication, omissions, errors, typos, and mistakes in this terms of service DO NOT void any of the terms and conditions listed here, or anywhere else on our website, correspondence with you, and any literature you may be issued. We will not issue any waiver of any of the terms and conditions listed here, or anywhere else on our website, correspondence with you, and any literature you may be given unless expressly stated and signed by both parties.



We reserve the right to reach out to clients and registered users via our several e-mail addresses which you will find on our Contact Page, or other places on our site, and on our literature. Other ways you can contact us are also available on our Contact Page, documentation, and correspondence


Sapphirin products are provided on an “as is” basis and they might not function according to your desire and you might break one or more features at th point of customisation. Thus, support for our products, and services are provided for the duration of time stipulated on each product and service.


Support for our services and products is only available for our clients who have an active license rights according to our records. After the duration stipulated on the product or service, if you require more support, you can always visit our frequently updated documentation, or request for support extension which might make you to incur more expenses.

Sapphirin support and updates are available as long as we are actively in business. In event of any one of the following (which is unlikely), we will no longer be responsible for any support for Sapphirin products and services:

  • Any Sapphirin product ceases to be created or offered on our site or is discontinued.
  • Any Sapphirin service ceases to be offered or is discontinued.
  • WordPress ceases to be actively developed.

We strive to provide excellent support but we know we cannot please everybody and we do not guarantee everyone’s satisfaction with our support services. Therefore, we apologize in advance if any support query, ticket or request is not satisfactorily addressed.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are available to our clients with valid subscription and license rights. Our automatic updates might include the addition of one or more layouts, layout packs, or products solely at our discretion.



The services and products featured on this website are globally available excluding explicit exceptions. Our advertising and marketing efforts target a global audience hence, you are responsible for ensuring the suitability of any and all of your purchases to fit your purpose, audience, and requirements before purchase. Duplication, republication, and redistribution of any part of this website or any content on our website, correspondence with you, and our literature without our written consent is strictly prohibited. We do not warrant that the delivery of any of our services will be timely, uninterrupted, error free, or constant although we work towards maintaining excellent customer experience. You are expected to ensure you familiarise yourself with our work week and open hours. By using this website you hereby indemnify Sapphirin, its employees, and its affiliates against any and all losses or damages, in whichever manner, howsoever caused in relation to the use of this website.


Beyond Control

Neither party will be liable to the other for any setback in fulfilling any provision of this Terms of Service or any other of our Agreements which is caused by unavoidable occurrence beyond our control including but not limited to terrorism, political insurgence, war, insurrection, riot, act of civil or military authority, uprising, natural disasters, or any other man-made disaster beyond our control, which results in the infringement, termination, or unavoidable disruption of any of our agreements. The affected Party is mandated to inform the other Party of the challenge and shall try as much as possible to comply with the terms and provisions of any and all of our Agreements.



Sapphirin reserves the right to alter any or all of these terms as we see fit and your continued use of the website will imply your acceptance of and adherence any alterations to these agreements. We will however endeavour to announce and notify the public of any changes to our policies, terms, and services on our site’s key pages and our correspondence with you where applicable. Changes to our privacy policy will be announced on our site or correspondence at least 7 days prior to these changes.



By visiting or using this website and our products and services, you ageee to these terms and conditions and our other Terms communicated on our site, our products, our documentation, our literature, and our correspondence with you.

If as a result of geographic location or other legally binding reason, any of these terms are considered invalid for, then, such an unenforceable term will be revoked for that person or entity and the remaining terms continue to apply. These Terms of Service and all our other Agreements shall not be duplicated, edited, modified, or supplemented except in with written permission from Sapphirin.