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Creative’s Layout BundleSale!

A collection of 2 hand-crafted website layouts built with the Divi theme (by Elegantthemes). These layouts comprise 23+ inner pages, unique headers and footers, archive and category pages, search results pages, and lots more.
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Must I have a WordPress account before I order your development services?

If you don’t already have WordPress installed on your domain name, you can send us a message and we will look for tutorials relevant to your hosting provider that will help you install the software. Self-hosted WordPress is essentially free.

What is a hosting provider?

In order for your website to be ‘online’ and not only accessible on your ‘local host’, you need to have an account with a hosting provider. Your domain name will be pointed to your host. However, if you do not have a host and you order our full WordPress development service we will host your website for free.

Do I get free hosting?

Clients who purchase our full WordPress development service have access to free hosting on our server. It is entirely your decision to use it. We are migrating to cloud hosting so, this is an added value you should not miss.

Can you build a website for me from scratch? I don't even have a domain name.

If you have very little knowledge of launching and running a website, WordPress is very suitable for you. We are here to help. Kindly reach out to us before purchasing any of our WordPress development services and we will get you acquainted with running a website in no time. We will handle your domain and hosting needs as well.

I just want to test a business idea. Do I still need to pay the full price of any of your development services?

We will help you launch a sleek modern website to access your potential customers and clear any doubts you had as to the direction of your business idea. You can always decide to choose a development option within your budget.

Can I request for custom built layouts?

If you want us to build layouts different from those on our store or you want us to make any changes to those already available, kindly reach out to us via any general contact forms on our site or drop a message at Please check our open hours know when we will be available to chat. The layouts built for you will be made available to the public in our store depending on our agreement.


We offer refunds on our services based on certain criteria. Usually, our full WordPress site development takes up to a month therefore, we offer a 14-day refund for unsatisfied clients. Other services take less than a month thus, we will process refunds requested 2-5 days after purchase for unsatisfied clients. Kindly check our terms to understand more about our refunds.

We do not process refunds on our layouts; therefore, we encourage you to carefully examine any layout pack you wish to purchase and its demos to ensure you are thoroughly satisfied with your choice before buying.