Creating a Stunning Presentation for Your Next Pitch with Free Resources

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One of the easiest ways to put together an engaging presentation is using pre-made templates. Some people may be familiar with MS PowerPoint, Zoho, and others, but there are arguably easier methods. However, our choice for video presentations is Canva. It is easy to use, and the free account gives you access to tons of valuable templates and even stock videos that can be completely customized in minutes. This brief tutorial highlights helpful tips to keep in mind when creating your next presentation. 

Here’s a link to the presentation we will be using in this tutorial.

Getting Started

In this tutorial, we will use Canva to create a clean presentation for a fictitious company. Yummy Recipes has just launched its recipe app, and the team is pitching its product to potential investors.


To begin this presentation, you need to create a free account on Canva. From the recommended artboards select a presentation of your choice. 

We have selected the Presentation (16:9) option. You can choose any template from the left area of your window, as seen below. Depending on the industry or requirements for your presentation, enter specific keywords (for best results, use one keyword per search) in the search bar and hit “enter”. 

You can also design each slide from scratch; it is all up to you. When you have designed your first slide, it is advisable to duplicate it several times (to fill your presentation) and make necessary changes. This ensures that your presentation is uniform and professional.

Tip #1: First Impression

Endeavor to design a very engaging cover slide. This first slide should contain as much critical information as necessary. Nonetheless, keep it simple and easy to read. Key elements that should not be missing from this page include the author(s) name(s), the company name (and probably tagline or slogan), an image that gives the general idea of the main product that is the subject of the presentation, and the date the presentation will be delivered.

Tip #2: Strategic Use of Visuals

Visuals are compelling tools in presentation. They help store the content of each slide in the mind of the audience; they help the audience create an impression that reminds them of what they thought you were trying to pass across in each slide. Thus, it is imperative to ensure the visuals properly represent what you want the audience to take away. Another rule of thumb is to have at least one visual per slide. Usually, visuals are placed such that they do not interfere with any text on the slide. Place visuals beside the text or place them in the background with overlays before the text.

Tip #3: Your Product in Action

Showcase your product with a sample or prototype. If the product is abstract, it’s best to use a mockup to make it pop. Kindly find out more about mockups in our article on how to create a mockup for free.

Tip #4: Less is More

Except you just stepped out of a time machine, you should know that the industry-standard centers around clean designs with optimum white-space.

Tip #5: Include a Succinct Summary

Highlight the primary purpose of the presentation and what you want the audience to remember. Remember to use visuals that emphasize this.

Tip #6: A Warm Thank You Page and Contact Details

More often than not, the very last page in a presentation is a thank you page. This page should portray the brand’s image and voice. For example, if your brand is known for its quirky jokes, this page should reflect that comic nature. Ensure to call for constructive feedback on this page as it makes the audience feel important and appreciated. Let them know that their contribution matters. Contact details should be included here.

Presenting, Downloading, and Sharing

After the work is completed, navigate to the top righthand corner of the window, where you will see the download and present buttons.

Adjust the settings to suit your needs and use any of the options you prefer. You can generate a video of your presentation and add a narration.

You can also decide to add an audio track before downloading your files.
Thanks for reading. We really hope this tutorial was helpful to you. Let us know if you liked these presentation tips and why. If you know of any other nice presentation tools we should cover, do let us know in the comment section below. Have any topics you’d like us to cover? Let us know via any of the forms on our site. Please use the title “Article Ideas for Sapphirin”. Or you can write to us at


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